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Entry #1

User of the Week Index

2007-10-25 15:09:09 by A8TG

UOTW Questions


Here's how UOTW works. I will post a hand drawn picture of a user from Newgrounds based on their username and profile picture. I will also post a small paragraph of why I made that person the User of the Week.

A link to their name will be shown and I'll PM them about it.
Alright, how do I become UOTW?

Unlike the BBS, where it's picked randomly. I'll pick people who PM me and comment on my news posts every once and awhile or some that just make me laugh or feel that they're an awesome person.

Are their any requirements for being UOTW?

Nope, none at all. Just have to be a pretty active member on the BBS and contribute to my news posts and crap. I don't care if you don't have any flash or audio, but if you do I'll be sure to mention some of my favorites in the post.

UOTW Index
1. ripoffhitman


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2007-10-25 17:45:44

..... I csn't wait yae :)

A8TG responds:

Em neihter!


2007-10-25 23:37:22

Hello again, O My Brother!

A8TG responds:

Hello brother!


2007-10-25 23:42:24

saw you post on ripoffhitman's news post had to check it out...

A8TG responds:




2007-10-26 00:23:37

Sounds sweet dude :)

A8TG responds:

Thanks, you're after hitman.



2007-10-26 16:14:30

very interesting, man.

A8TG responds:



2007-10-26 18:32:30

i am an awesome person, now gimme a juce box BIATCH ( after someone makes fun of you, look at them with a straight face and say that, it will guarneteed make you cool) i did it

A8TG responds:

I'll think about it, but for now I must release the winner.


2007-10-26 19:16:54

I bet if you didn't said say that you had to comment on your psts your comments would be at 0.

But if you saaid penis you would be at 65.

A8TG responds:

But I also gave them the choice to PM me so I wasn't necessarily looking towards the comments.

And no penis unless someone is named penis that wins.


2007-10-30 18:55:46

i lol'd ;D


2008-02-10 12:52:08

So ... if I say penis ... I get a hitman? What? What does this have to do with penguins? HUH? Oh, and by the by, I if you hadn't destroyed Uncle Spider, he would have destroyed Global Warming. How you gonna live with that on your conscience eh?